"I highly recommend MMC Management Billing Services for your chiropractic billing needs...Follow-through is consistent and dependable. Receivables flow. In short, you trust they are paying close attention to your accounts!"
N.G., DC, Maryland

"I have used MMC Billing Services for 7 years and I could not be happier!  Melany and her crew handle all of the "little things" that would otherwise drive me nuts about insurance billing.  Without MMC I would not have been able to grow from a start up to over 2300 patients in just 7 short years!  Thanks Mel! "
T.L., DC, St. Louis, Missouri

As a chiropractic medical billing service in business for over 15 years, we have billed and collected on more than 800,000 chiropractic claims, so we’re always on the pulse of all the issues for all types of insurance, and most importantly, we know how to deal with them to get you paid!

Too many providers are not seeing the reimbursements they could be, for several reasons. We solve that quickly, right from the start.

We do this by staying abreast of the ever-changing requirements and coding issues that affect chiropractic insurance billing and reimbursements, so that you get the best acceptance rates and reimbursements on your claims.

We regularly follow-up on all claims and make sure they get FULLY and CORRECTLY processed.  

The moment a problem Explanation of Benefits comes in, we’re on the phone getting it corrected.

Then we regularly run a full aging report of all your open insurance claims and call on all claims over 30 days and resolve any problems or delays.

Clean claims with our effective, aggressive follow-up means you see your money FAST. 

We are a chiropractic billing service that WILL get you paid, while maximizing your collections and keeping them flowing!

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