"Now that I am with MMC Billing Services I relax and feel like I can put my attention where it should be, on patient care and running my practice!"
N.G., DC, Maryland

"Mel, Tony and their team at MMC Billing Services provide excellent service; including great communication, claim follow-ups; electronic billing, Medicare updates and best of all, it's very reasonably priced. I would recommend them for any chiropractic practice."
Dr. R.S., DC, California
As a medical billing service specializing in chiropractic insurance billing and collections for over 15 years, and having billed and collected on hundreds of thousands of claims, we understand that profitability is one of the big challenges faced by chiropractors in today's insurance climate.

We keep our pricing as competitive and affordable as possible, and we will customize your pricing plan so that you only pay for the services you need and want.

We strive to pay for ourselves every month with increased collections for our clients, and to help you grow your practice by unburdening you and your office of the insurance hassles so you can concentrate on patient care!

A popular program that we offer is a flat per claim rate on a sliding scale based on volume, and this includes full follow-up for the life of the claim until it is fully and correctly processed.

With this program, we file your claims, aggressively follow-up, refile and do appeals as necessary until the claim is correctly processed by the insurance company. Your office faxes us the insurance explanation of benefits as they come in. We post them and call on all problems.

We liaise with your office as needed in order to resolve any slows or problems. We regularly run full aging reports and call on everything over 30 days and do whatever is necessary to get the claim paid, and we keep you informed about any issues as they come up.

The one time flat fee covers everything for the life of the claim until it's correctly processed, including postage, electronic filing fees, telephone costs, labor, appeals...everything. With our chiropractic billing service, there are no hidden costs, ever!

Call Melany today at 866-738-1294 to discuss your needs and the pricing options available to you, or simply to get started!

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